Campus Life

Recycling with Smiley Faces

With the useful insights from cuteness marketing study of recycling bins and market research of students recycling behavior, a whole new label design of smiley faces were put across all the recycling bins on campus aiming to deliver a positive message of “Smart People… Recycle”. The UST Publishing Technology Center connected nature (sky, trees and water) with our positive actions through the smiley face images. Not only drawing the attention of our campus community, it is hoped that the graphic and identity of these new members can reinforce the belief that recycling makes a difference to the environment. “Woody, Sunny and Aqua”, new names of the smiley faces were selected among many other creative entries of our naming competition to make these icons more personalized and lively.

Not only engaging our students and staff with positive visual, the recycling categories on campus were expanded with clothes and glass collection through collaboration with Friends of the Earth and Green Glass Green. The locations of all the recycling facilities were shared on the green campus map of Green UST mobile app designed by a group of engineering students to make recycling easier and prominent.