Campus Life

Engaging the Campus Community

Education is not bound within academic knowledge; instead the holistic education is teaching us how to adapt to the transformation of thus ever-changing society. Sustainability is one of the key areas that drive us to better lives.

Environment Week

Every year, the Environment Week is a time for students and staff to celebrate sustainable living. The Green Products Fair last year again invited local farmers and vendors to our campus and introduced their organic produce and a wide range of green products from household to personal care items.

An urban gardening workshop was conducted receiving overwhelming responses with participants eager to gain hands-on experience of propagating seeds of seasonal vegetables and translating seedlings on site. At the end of the workshop, they got a free seedling in pot with Lettuce or herbs to start their urban gardening at home or in school. A sustainable lifestyle can start as simple as watering our own edible plant everyday.

Greening the Student Halls

UG Hall III has been active in promoting sustainability among the student residents. Floor-based Domestic Waste Recycling campaign, mini-lectures on Living Green, flowerpot DIY workshop, sharing talk on polar region, building a plant stand, visit to Lamma Winds, Zero Carbon Building and Kadoorie Farm were held to get students involved and live a green lifestyle.

In Hall VI, members of the Live Green Learning Community got the opportunities to actively participate in different green activities including red packet and cardboard decoration handicraft DIY workshop, boat trip to Geo Park and cleaning tour, hiking, wild camping, movie night and recycling activity.

Renewing life of items through Barter Trade and Hall Check Out Recycling

Why not renewing the life of reusable items instead of throwing them into landfill as trash?

During the Environment Students’ Society annual signature awareness campaign of GRASS HOUR, not only offering low carbon food, upcycling workshop and games, the group also held a Barter Trade event asking students and staff to share and exchange their second-hand items with other members. Toys, travel books, clothing were popular among hundreds of items for exchange.

In student halls, the check-out recycling campaign helped residents to pass their useful stuff into hands of new owners through charity. The Student Housing and Residential Life Office organized the Student Hall Check Out Recycling Campaign, moon cake box and red packet paper recycling activities. The Give and Take campaign was held at the end of every semester to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill which collected over 200kg of clothing, 500 items of stationeries, 100 items of electrical appliances and 1000 books in total.