Progress and Performance


Over the past two years, the Sustainability Unit, with the help of many student volunteers and helpers, carried out a comprehensive waste audit for all in-campus canteens, including canteens in LG1, LG7 and Lee Shau Kee Buildings, the Coffee Shop and Café, UC Bristro. It found that over one-third (3 tons per day) of total campus wastes come from these sources.

In 2014-15, based on our best estimates, HKUST generated roughly 2,555 tons of waste. Recycling helps to reduce that total going to the Hong Kong landfill. Historically the university has separated paper, metal, plastic, fluorescent tubes, rechargeable batteries, and printing cartridges. This year, for the first time, glass and clothing were added to the collection efforts. In total, 99 tons of our waste were recycled this year.

RECYLING 2014-15

TOTAL = 98,527 KG