The Student Experience

Students in Action

Students are the core members of our campus community. They are the key drivers with great ideas and vision on how to build a more sustainable campus.

Sustainable Campus Leadership Program

For the second year, this experiential program has engaged 20 passionate UST students from different schools to undertake hands-on green campus projects.Without any academic credit, participants (called Eco-Reps) joined the program out of great interest in making a difference to campus sustainability.

Through attending weekly meetings and trainings on learning how to design and implement their projects, students worked in groups focusing on feasibility study of renewable energy installation on campus, redesigning the underutilized space, building a green wall, and promoting biodiesel through video production.

The project design had to meet the criteria of sustainable management and the impact it would make. The program will continue and we look forward to the next batch of passionate Eco-Reps joining us. 

Green O’ Camps

Every summer, Orientation Camps are the exciting time to welcome the freshmen. Sponsors provide a variety of souvenirs that are then distributed in gift packs to participants.

Items that are not needed by students – like packaged food and beverages, shampoo, toothbrushes, skin care products and stationery – can be of great value to people in need. For the first time, we organized a recycling activity with volunteers from UST Connect program during the O’ Camps and collected over 700 items for donation to charity and Connect overseas service learning trips. Through promoting the Friends of the Earth “Green O’ Camp” activity, societies were encouraged to follow the green check list to hold their activities in a sustainable way such as reducing food waste and packaging, reusing materials and recycling.

Our Nature Club and Environment Students’ Society received and Gold and Silver Awards as recognition of their green effort.

Greening Societies’ Promotion

By working with our student societies together, the Green Society Promotion Awards and recycling activities engaged them to organize their events in a sustainable manner, while enjoying the celebration.

The result was not only a reduction of waste at its source, but over 300 kg of reusable materials were collected for recycling or donation to local charity.

Among 18 participating societies, some of them demonstrated creativity and commitment in sustainability through design of decorations and games with reusable, recycled or natural materials, and creative dress-up promotional game.

They showed that a group can be successful without printing pamphlets or flyers, and that the entire effort can be done in a (nearly) zero-waste fashion.

HKUST Hosts the First National Challenge Cup Theme-Based Competition on Smart Green Cities

HKUST was the first local university to co-host the “National Challenge Cup”, a prestigious competition branded as the Olympiad of Science and Technology for university students. HKUST held the newly-introduced Theme-based Competition of the National Challenge Cup in which students from various countries showcased their creative ideas and innovation solutions of developing Smart Green Cities.

The theme of the Theme-based Competition was ‘Smart Green Cities’. Students were required to apply their knowledge in science, technology, social-economics, urban planning, public administration etc. to propose innovative ideas and solutions to transform a city or part of a city in their home country to become a ‘Smart Green City’. More than 800 teams from Mainland China, Hong Kong and other countries including Russia, Thailand and Malaysia participated in the Competition, and around 40 teams were shortlisted to enter the Finals.

A team of Southeast University clinched the Grand Prize with their proposal titled “Urban Traffic State Estimation and Distribution System based on Satellite Positioning Data of Public Transportation” while two teams from Nanjing University of Science and Technology and HKUST won the First Prizes.

Serving the Community

The HKUST Connect Program has provided a great platform to engage our students to serve the community through green service learning. Last year, our students outreached to food charities for food saving with Food Angel, bread run with Feeding Hong Kong and collected edible vegetables from wet market for those in need. Through innovative fundraising event and promotional activities, they spread the conservation message to residents of public housing with Conservancy Association.

They also held a series of activities including visit to Eco Home of CLP, fun ride day with power generating bike on campus, and shared energy saving tips to neighborhood residents in Hang Hau. Conserving the habitat of over 200 species of butterflies and beach clean up were organized to create a better environment.