We are pleased to present this 2014-15 HKUST Sustainability Annual Report. During the year we emphasized the theme of appreciation; we know we are privileged to reside in one of the most scenic and beautiful locations in the world, and it is worth reminding ourselves from time to time to take a few minutes out of our days to appreciate such an amazing fortune.  In that context it is also worth thinking about how our appreciation of such a resource is connected to our thoughts about protecting it for future generations to appreciate as well. 

In other words, how can we make this sustainable?

It is clear how other things in our lives are sustainable as well – our friendships, our love of knowledge and learning, and our gratitude for all we gain from such a wonderful institution such as HKUST. With this idea in mind, please enjoy reading through our annual report, and keep in mind that at HKUST, appreciation is the heart of sustainability.